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An inner revolution, to overthrow mindsets that no longer serve any purpose.


Staring out of the office window at the dirty grey street beyond, I watched the random strangers passing, going about their busy lives – but they didn’t look alive to me. My shirt collar chafed at my neck, and the muscles of my back were knotted and strained. There was a scowl in my face, and I slouched in my office chair.

It was a ll an expression of what was going inside me.

It felt like the different parts of my inner world were at war – each one pulling in a different direction, unwilling to yield. And in the process, I was being destroyed. Corporate life stretched ahead of me like a hard, cold road leading nowhere. When I thought about what I had to sacrifice to achieve this so-called “success” my stomach turned. I was dying inside…

Looking at the future lying ahead of me, I was filled with dark emotions. It didn’t sit right, and somewhere, deep inside, I knew that there must another alternative. I didn’t know it at the time, but this dark moment was the tipping point, and the start of an amazing journey of discovery.

So then and there I quit.

I booked a one-way ticket to Asia, and promised not to return until I had figured it all out. Looking back now, that the hardest decision I have ever made, and it was also the start of the revolution. That decision forced me right out of my comfort zone, and into a strange world of new experiences, new people, and a completely new mindset.

The seeds were sown for the YOR movement.

In those moments, and through those experiences, all the false screens and illusions of personality were stripped away. It was both painful and liberating at the same time. It was as if an inner fire had been lit. My job, my career, my status and my financial position no longer defined me. It all fell off me like a snake shedding its skin. I was no longer “the football star”, “Corporate sales specialist”, or the “account manager”. I wasn’t anything – yet I felt alive and free.

I came to the realisation that my entire history was like an illusion. All my struggles, all my failings, and all my attempts to fit into a role that I didn’t believe, suddenly felt like a bad dream. Underneath all of that, I began to sense my true identity – I could feel it as I felt the air that I was breathing, and as I felt the beating of my own hearth. It was an awakening, a shock to the system, and incredible relief.

My confusion and anxiety began to dissolve like a mist. This where my true education really began. After a long period of self-reflection, and a completely new kind of study, I realised what my purpose had been all along.

What I can do today, however, is help you to get that decisive point in life a little quicker, and without as much pain. Although I can’t make you go through the door, I can point it out to you, and tell you what to expect on the other side.

That’s why I decided to share my journey, and put all my cards on the table. I believe that telling an honest, authentic story is the best way to inspire and teach. I wouldn’t have the confidence to say it, unless I had live through it for myself. It’s one thing to read advice in a book – but it’ quite another to live through the experience in flesh and blood. In one sense, the only way anyone can really learn is by having the courage to make a decision – and then live by it.

My own personal revolution is the reason I’ve created YOR, and the reason I do what I do. Without the mistakes and failures, it could never have come about. If you’re in a that position right now – take courage. It may well be the perfect motivation to start Your Own Revolution.

That doesn’t necessarily mean you need to quit your job – but you may have to quit your mindset. So If you are hungry to thrive for a meaning life, to discover your purpose, get in touch and let’s collaborate!

Thanks for reading and I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Cheers to Your Own Revolution.

Take Care,


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